Dr. Expert Bio Potash



It mobilizes the potash present in the soil and makes it available to the plant uptake. It is capable of mobilizing Potash in all types of soil and increases the yield up to 20-25% in all seasonal crops.


  • • Promotes photosynthesis as well as improves plant growth parameters.
  • • Increases drought tolerance, accelerates the growth of meristmetic tissue.
  • • Catalyzes the activity of some enzymes.
  • • Increases the nitrogen uptake & protein synthesis.
  • • Reduces chemical fertilizer cost up to 55-60%,
  • • Produces organic acids, to release plant growth, promotes substances like IAA/Ga.
  • • Reduces soil borne plant pathogens etc.

Method Of Application-Seed Treatment

Mix 7-10 ml/gm of seed with Arabica gum/Jaggery as per your need and after treatment, dry it under the shade for up to 30 minutes.

Seedling/Setts/Cuttings Dipping

Mix 250ml/gm in 50 litres of water & dip the seedlings for 40 minutes.

Soil treatment

Take 1L/kg of solution and mix it with 100kg well decomposed FYM & incubate as per your need. Finally, broadcast it over one acre of land before last ploughing, first irrigation or during moderate moisture level in cultivated area.

Foliar Application

Mix 500 ml/gm of Grow Touch with 200 litres of water and spray it during the evening,

Soil treatment

Take 1 L/kg of Grow Touch and mix with 100-150kg well decomposed FYM/Vermi compost/Sand/Soil. Broadcast it over one acre of land at the time of sowing or first ploughing at moderate moisture level in the field.


  • 500 ml / 1 Litre in liquid form.
  • 500 gm / 1 kg in powder form.