Dr. Expert Bio Phosphate



Dr. Expert Bio Phosphate Grow Avail is responsible for converting insoluble phosphorus into soluble phosphates and makes it available to the plants. Generally, phosphate solubilizing micro-organisms can enzymatically mineralize organic phosphorus into its soluble form.


*All field crops, etc

Foliar Application

Mix 3-4 ml/gm of Grow Line up with one litre of water and spray it during the evening.

Method of Application

Soil application - Mix 1litre of Grow Avail with 100kg of well-decomposed farmyard manure. Blend welland broadcast it over one acre of land before last ploughing or first irrigation. In the case of drip/drench, 2 litre/acre should be sufficient.


  • 500 ml / 1 Litre in liquid form.
  • 500 gm / 1 kg in powder form.