Go Green ! Nutree Cap(Calcium 6% boron 5%)



Go green Cap
    • It Is specially designed to make both Calcium & Boron mobile in plants.
    • It Is helps to correct Calcium and Boron deficiency of crop & hence helps to increase growth & yield. Boron in helps for flower initiation & fruiting.
    • It Is helps to avoid problems of fruit cracking or dopping in many horticultural plats like grapes.It also helps to prevent blossom end rot in tomatoes, chilly and spongy tissues in mango.
    • It Is helps to reduce number of water berries in grape bunches.
    • It Is helps to maintain water equilibrium and it improves cell wall strength and hence helps plant to overcome water stress.
    • It Is can be applied to plants by drip & foliar spray -500-t000 g per dose per hectare for drip irrigation 0.5 to 1 gIl - for Foliar spray. Frequency or number of sprays to be decided on the severity of deficiency. To be applied at the time from flowering to fruit maturation.
  • Caution

    Store in cool. dry place

    Away from children


    As use of the product is beyond our control

    Foliar application

    2-3 gm per litre of water