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We are Beyond agrichem

Beyond Agrichem is India’s foremost Agrichem start-up working on the mission of #HelpingFarmersWin by providing a complete range of agri solutions at the fingertips of farmers. AgroStar’s tech platform provides a combination of agronomy advice coupled with service and agri input products that enable farmers to significantly improve their productivity and income.

Over the next 5 years, we plan to continue to provide incremental value to farmers...

We use an extensive amount of data, technology and agronomy knowledge to give the right solutions (advice+products) to Indian farmers.

our vision

Beyond Agrichem aims at promoting the best possible combination of measure –Chemical, biological and cultural – to deliver cost effective, environmentally sound and disease and weeds.

We thrive on current and new business opportunity while leveraging our core competences of human capital, quality and integrity.

Excellent Products

This Product information is provided for reference purposes only. We recommend to always read and follow label directions for the use of specific product.

Clean Working

Protect the present agricultural face of India from the challenges of the future by strengthening our farmers with the best of technology and innovation.

Quality And Reliability

Beyond Agrichem started with a founding vision of changing the agricultural face of India and making the Country self- sufficient in food production.

Expert Farmer

We believe in being static in values but dynamic in learning and adapting the best of the world to create a green India.

OUr Team

Having a job makes you feel more energized and feel good about yourself. How we complete a task is also considered as work.

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