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Our fertilisers are grouped into product families to make it easier to choose the right one, or you can scroll down to see which fertilisers are available in different regions or to see all the fertilisers together and use filters to find a specific fertiliser.

Various other fertiliser grades and size matched blends to complement the portfolio and offer growers a full range of fertiliser options

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Various other fertiliser grades and size matched blends to complement the portfolio and offer growers a full range of fertiliser options.

Water Soluble Fertilizers

Water soluble fertilisers release essential plant nutrients at the root level which are readily absorbed and used ...

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The micronutrients evaluated were vitamins A, B12, C, D and E, niacin, pyridoxine...

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Bio Fertilizers

A biofertilizer (also bio-fertilizer) is a substance which contains living microorganisms which...

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Orgenic Manure

The organic materials most commonly used to improve soil conditions and fertility include farm yard manure (FYM),...

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Orgenic Crop Protectants

The formulation is primarily based on natural oils and emulsifiers...

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Plant Growth Promoter

Plant Growth Promoters are substances which improve the overall health growth and development of plants.

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Humic Acid And Amino Acid

Organic Fertilizer contains approx 20% humic and ...

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The standard application method is with a hand-held, hand-cranked “belly-grinder” type of rotary spreader...

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Short About Us

Beyond leading manufacturer and supplier of Bio fertilizers, bio pesticides, organic fertilizers, botanical pesticides, plant growth promoter, Plant growth regulator, micronutrients and other plant nutrients.

We have been in the industry for quite a long time now and therefore are rightly aware of the hardships farmers go through when it comes to maintaining the crop quality.

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This Product information is provided for reference purposes only. We recommend to always read and follow label directions for the use of specific product.

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Protect the present agricultural face of India from the challenges of the future by strengthening our farmers with the best of technology and innovation.

Quality And Reliability

Beyond Agrichem started with a founding vision of changing the agricultural face of India and making the Country self- sufficient in food production.

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We believe in being static in values but dynamic in learning and adapting the best of the world to create a green India.


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